Friday, August 19


NOTE: This is not a violent story.

"Lucy Get Your Gun," is the fourth eBook in the Proctor Hollow Series of short-story/quick-read eBooks, was released today. Yay! Please join me in celebrating my latest book release with my new friends.

The first three books in the series hit the market without fanfare and sales were mediocre, but that's okay. It's the writing I love. I've been writing my whole life, but you won't see my name out there unless you go back thirty-some years. During my absence from the public arena, I've been hiding in plain site--ghostwriting. Recently, I found a new community filled with wonderful, supportive people and decided to put aside my disguise and add my name to my work. Come with me and I'll introduce you to a few of my new friends who have offered to help me with today's book release via a blog tour...

LIZ is a woman of many talents: writer, teacher, knitting expert. Her experiences as a substitute teacher make me smile--and sometimes laugh out loud

Click here to meet Liz A. and learn more about my new book, "Lucy Get Your Gun":

MADEIA writes MG, YA, and anthologies. For most of my life, I've overlooked these genres thinking they would be too simplistic. Boy, was I wrong! Check out her work. No matter what your age, you will not be disappointed.

Click here to meet Madeia and learn more about my new book, "Lucy Get Your Gun":

TAMARA's "Heart Stopper and Other Stories" is a book after my own heart. Short stories are my favorite reads when time is at a premium.

Click here to meet Tamara and learn more about my new book, "Lucy Get Your Gun":

MERADETH writes about immortals, shadow creatures, time travel and more. Her paranormal books are page turners! Check them out on Amazon. When Meradeth’s not writing, she’s sequencing dead people’s DNA. For fun!

Click here to meet Meradeth and learn more about my new book, "Lucy Get Your Gun":

Many thanks to Liz, Tamara, Meradeth, and Madeia! I've turned off my comments for today so you can join me on my blog tour at the above links. See you there!