Monday, August 29

Gorilla Island

A couple of relaxing days on Nolin Lake in Kentucky last week. Mid-week is the time to go. We had the lake to ourselves. No rain, calm waters, not too hot, and a little local lore to round out the scenic boat trip.

Christened Gorilla Island by locals, the lone resident of this tiny piece of land is--what else--a gorilla. Actually, it's the statue of a gorilla. How did it get there? No one is saying. One day it just appeared. The locals quickly adopted the new mascot. He--or she--dons a new outfit every so often so the community must be providing her--or him--with the "bare" necessities of life.

It just proves you don't have to travel to far away exotic places to see noteworthy sites. Or maybe it doesn't take much to entertain me these days. 

How was your week/weekend?


  1. How fun!!! I think that's a great way to mess with people. Just place a random object on an island and see what they do. If you were the person who put the gorilla there, you'd probably get a huge kick out of watching people dressing it up!

    1. I think so. I believe there is also a rivalry among football fans in the fall. They say tee-shirts change often during football season. I think the gorilla also drinks a beer every now and then...

  2. A busy weekend ended a busy week. I doubt things slow down. I leave for Dragon Con this week! Whoo hoo!

  3. People do the strangest things...

  4. True, Liz. That's good though. It give us something to write about.

  5. Reminds me of an island with a rundown shack in Idaho Falls. There's some interesting stories circulating out there.

  6. That does sound interesting. I bet there are some great stories there.

  7. Interesting. There are tiny islands around me I'd like to visit.