Tuesday, November 15, 2016


Another Piper Morgan book has hit the shelves. All puppy lovers must buy Stephanie's  new book. You won't be sorry. It is the most adorable one yet! Get it for that special person on your Christmas list. She'll even personalize it for them. 

Blurb from Amazon:  Piper helps some four-legged friends find the perfect home in the third book of the brand-new Piper Morgan series.Piper is super excited to help out at Bark Street, a local animal shelter in town. Who wouldn’t want to be surrounded by adorable puppies and dogs all day? And when Piper sees Taffy, the cutest dog she has ever seen, Piper is determined to find a way to bring Taffy home. But it won’t be easy—especially when she finds out someone else wants to make Taffy a part of their family, too!

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For a personalized copy, order from Parnassus Books in Nashville:

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Let's Make America Great Again!!

What a relief to wake up this morning and find that everything is going to be perfect now. America is finally going to be great again! Just like in the '50s and '60s. I lived through those decades but lost my rose-colored glasses somewhere on the corner of Haight & Ashbury. Now where did I put those blueprints of Grandma's bomb shelter....

Wednesday, November 2, 2016


The Insecure Writers’ Support Group posts the first Wednesday of the month. It is a place where writers can write about their insecurities without feeling threatened. If you're reading this as a writer and have any insecurities about your writing, join us. Every month we have a new question to answer. This month's question is: 

What Is Your Favorite Aspect of Being a Writer?  

Choosing just one favorite thing about the writing life is impossible. I believe the greatest satisfaction I gain from writing is when someone tells me they like my story or article or when something I write makes a difference in someone's life. Even constructive criticism is welcome feedback because it tells me that the reader has taken my work seriously enough to let me know what I could have done to make it better. 

I love being able to build an imaginary world populated by people I create. It is empowering. For example, if someone treats me badly and I can't resolve the issue in the real world I can put them in my story and make them suffer the consequences. If they've really upset me, I sometimes make them a character in my tale and kill them. 

A couple of other things about the writing life that appeals to me are working at home in my PJs and instant access to a delete key on my computer (that I don't have in my mouth). 

My insecurity this month is: I have a story I want to send to a contest. I've edited it a dozen times, but I'm still afraid it isn't good enough to hit "send." 

Do you ever use your writing to vent by creating and then "killing off" a character?